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IV. Foreign policy in science and technology PDF Print E-mail


21. The main objective of foreign relations in the scientific and technological fields will lie in making full use of external factors to build and enhance a modern national scientific, technical and technological potential capable of serving as a driving force for the effective development of the national economy and industry and able to be competitive at regional, continental and global levels.

22.Mongolia shall apply the principle of benefiting from world scientific and technological achievements to enrich the pool of national endowment and intellectual capacity which are congruous with the national human and natural resources, the level of social theory and thought as well as with the unique culture of its pastoral livestock breeding economy.

23.In implementing its scientific and technological foreign policy, Mongolia shall adhere to the following basic guidelines:

a) Introduction advanced technology and methods into production and services. In doing so, priority will be given to the selective introduction of research-intensive technology. Greater attention will be paid to introducing technologies related to processing mineral resources, raw materials of animal and plant extraction, and use of renewable energy sources;

b) Gearing the national scientific and technological information system to the international information network;

c) Developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of intellectual property as well as science and technology.